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AuthorTopic: Buy tokens with bananas? (Read 4039 times)
  1. << 11:41 PM 05-09-13 >>
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    #1 Buy tokens with bananas?

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    If I can buy 100,000 bananas for 2500 tokens, why can't I buy 2500 tokens for 100,000 bananas? I'd rather you charge for the game instead of fish for funding. Puts a negative (underhanded) feel to the game. Oh, I get's Despicable.

  2. << 06:33 AM 20-10-13 >>
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    Agree. I want to get tokens with bananas

  3. << 04:18 PM 22-10-13 >>
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    There is no use to collecting bananas.
    We should be able to buy tokens with those bananas.

  4. << 09:38 AM 27-11-13 >>
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    The same suggestion I wanted to just make.
    Now I see that it already gives it here.


    I think it's great that for Minions Rush will update every now and then.
    With the last update and the to-down shopping center, the 5 Daily were unfortunately removed Gru brands.
    This was the only way to get at times Gru brands in vain.
    Sure, you can also Buy, but when occasion player, I'm honestly not willing real money to numbers.
    What do you think because of the idea with one of the next updates introduce a possibility that I would say 100,000 bananas against 20 Gru brands eg you can swap.
    With the bananas themselves you can not really start something, yes.
    All times out of me at this point.

    Therefore, I post all my simple proposal directly again with it.

  5. << 02:03 PM 27-11-13 >>
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    Minion Jo here: Noted, noted, noted & noted.

    Our team will be informed about your requests!


  6. << 09:05 PM 14-12-13 >>
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    I won't believe that will ever happen.
    Banana is free for you to earn if you play enough.
    Token is what they want you to pay real money for.
    So, you can convert Token to Banana, but will never Banana to Token.

    These work the same in any other GameLoft games, 2 or 3 different currencies of different naming, the most useful one will always require real money or some action that the company can earn commissions.

    I wouldn't blame that, they do have to pay the poor guys who worked on the games and the automatic support who gave out standard replies.

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    That's the way they earn so much money

  8. << 02:51 PM 02-05-14 >>
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    They should allow us to buy Tokens with Bananas, however it should be hard enough that people won't stop buying tokens otherwise the game would not be profitable, but the levels should not be unattainable.

    So I propose a tiered buying system.

    For example -
    250,000 Bananas gets you 100 Tokens
    500,000 Bananas gets you 225 Tokens
    1,000,000 Bananas gets you 500 Tokens.

    This many Bananas would take most people weeks or even months to get to... but if you want to grind it out then there is a reason to keep playing the game... (as currently there isn't much point in playing once you have everything) and if you have better things to do with your time then you can just buy tokens with real money.

  9. << 08:44 PM 04-05-14 >>
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    Hey activoice,

    Thank you for your suggestion , it will be considered .

    Kind regards,

  10. << 09:45 AM 06-05-14 >>
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    I would also love to see that happening. Great idea

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