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AuthorTopic: The FAQ's (Read 9869 times)
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    Hi guys!

    Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Epic game and their answers.

    Hope you'll have fun in the forest!

    Q: How do I get help? Customer Care?
    A: If you're having problems in-game, you can access Help from Tools -> Options -> Help. If you don't find your answer, the Gameloft Customer Care link can be accessed via Tools -> Options -> Customer Care.

    Q: How can I influence the results of a battle?
    A: There are three primary methods of increasing your chances of victory in battle. The first way is to choose troops that are strong against the elements of the enemy. They will do greater damage when striking elements they are strong against, and suffer less damage in return. Second is the rhythm action: Periodically, when striking an enemy, a pair of crosshairs will appear over the target. If you tap the enemy as the crosshairs superimpose over the target, you will gain a damage bonus. The exact bonus depends on how close you are to a perfect hit. Stay alert during battle for chances to hit the crosshairs and gain the advantage over your foe. The final way you can give your troops the edge is to use Potions & Spells. Potions & Spells can be crafted with the Mystic Spring plant, or purchased with Aura from the "Quiver of Arrows" icon at the bottom of the battle screen. Potions & Spells can inflict damage on the enemy, give your troops a strike boost, shield them from strikes, or heal them instantly.

    Q: What are Workers?
    A: Workers are the Jinn responsible for tending your forest domain. Building or upgrading plants, expanding your Kingdom, harvesting crafting ingredients, and some other actions, all require a Worker. When all your Workers are busy, you can perform more actions in the Kingdom by building more Worker's Huts, or spending Aura to free one up.

    Q: How do I upgrade plants?
    A: Production plants can be upgraded, increasing the rate at which they create resources and the maximum resources they can harvest. Storage plants can similarly be upgraded, increasing your maximum resource storage cap. To upgrade, tap the desired plant, select "Upgrade", and then pay the required resource cost. Upgrading takes a period of time and a Worker, but in the long run it is well worth it, as you'll need every resource to gain higher-level plants, units, and upgrades.

    Q: What is the Stock section?
    A: Stock, found in the Tools menu, acts as storage for all game items not presently in use. As you level up, you will unlock certain Kingdom plants that can be found in Stock. If you gain more resources from a mission reward or Daily Reward than your current storage can hold, the excess is held in Stock. Stock also shows an inventory of your crafting ingredients, units, spells and potions.

    Q: How do achievements work?
    A: Achievements are a way of measuring your progress in the game, beyond the normal cycle of completing missions and raising your level. Completed achievements grant you a reward of precious Aura. You can check your completed achievements and see your progress towards unlocking new ones in the Rings of Knowledge plant.

    Q: How do I play the Forest Run mini-game?
    A: The Forest Run mini-game allows you to lead Nod and M.K. on an exciting hummingbird ride through the forest. The objective is to grab as many Seeds as possible while avoiding blighted leaves or Boggan bat-riders. Tapping and holding anywhere on the screen will cause the hummingbird to increase its altitude. Releasing the tap causes the hummingbird to descend. Try to choose the path that allows you to gain the greatest number of Seeds while avoiding striking the obstacles.

    Q: How does crafting and unit upgrading work? How can I get ingredients?
    A: You can craft powerful healing potions, defensive spells, and special strikes in the Mystic Spring plant, found in the Kingdom plants tab of the Shop. Battle units can be upgraded at the Training Grounds plant. Both plants require crafting ingredients to function. Indicated by a blue glow, these can be harvested by a Worker from the Great Hall, and are occasionally produced by Decoration plants as well. Collect the required ingredients, select the crafting recipe or unit upgrade you want, and then pay the Seeds/Nectar cost, and crafting will begin.

    Q: How do I expand my Kingdom?
    A: Tap on an area outside your Kingdom. You can expand your available space gradually by using a Worker and spending Nectar, or you can expand it instantly with Aura.

    Q: What are resources used for?
    A: There are three basic resources in Epic: Seeds, Nectar, and Aura. Seeds and Nectar are used to build plants, train troops, expand your kingdom, and carry out most other actions in the game. Aura is a magical all-purpose resource that can be used for anything that requires Seeds or Nectar. It can also speed up construction of any plant, unit, or upgrade, buy premium Aura-only game items, and a myriad of other tasks.

    Q: How can I get more Aura?
    A: Aura is awarded for leveling up, earning achievements, and completing certain Tasks. You can also gain Aura by collecting the Daily Reward for several days in a row, or by using the Aura Trove and Racing Meadow plants. Sometimes when you visit a friend and harvest their resources, Aura will be awarded. You can earn Aura rewards by watching videos and performing other online actions via the "Free Aura" icon present in the Aura purchase screen. There are other secret ways to gain Aura hidden throughout the game, so explore and try to find them! Of course, at any time, you can top up your Aura supply by purchasing some with the "+" icon found beside your Aura amount in the top bar.

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    Q: How does the lottery work?
    A: The lottery is a great way to win exciting prizes. Access the lottery by building the Racing Meadow plant, available in the Stock from level 12. The lottery takes the form of a hummingbird race, during which you can grab seeds and nectar as they fly by. Once per day, you can play the Bronze lottery for free, for modest rewards. You can also pay Aura to play the Silver or Gold lotteries at any time. There is a random prize awarded for each lottery. If you don't like the prize you won, you can pay Aura to continue with the lottery for a chance at gaining a better reward.

    Q: What are the various unit element types?
    A: Each battle unit, friendly or enemy, has an element. Each element is strong against certain other elements, and weak against others. Choosing the right mix of troops to counter the enemy is a crucial element of battle strategy. Here are the elemental relationships:Steel: Strong against Wood and WindWater: Strong against Steel and StoneLeaf: Strong against Water and EarthWood: Strong against Leaf and WindStone: Strong against Steel and WoodEarth: Strong against Water and StoneWind: Strong against Leaf and Earth

    Q: How does battle work?
    A: You will receive missions to complete battles on the campaign map. Victory earns you valuable resources and experience. In order to start a battle, either tap on the desired battle location on the campaign map, or tap "Go" when directed from a battle mission. Before battle begins, you need to deploy your troops. You can drag and drop them on to the battlefield from the selection bar, or double-tap their unit portrait to deploy. Tapping "Auto Deploy" will select a group of units, from those you have available, that has the best chance against the enemy force. Tap "Battle" to begin. Combat then proceeds in real time, with your units exchanging strikes with the enemy until all the units on one side are defeated.

    Q: How do I change the game options?
    A: Tap Tools -> Options to change the game settings.

    Q: How do I change the game language?
    A: Access game languages by tapping the Tools -> Options -> Languages.

    Q: Can I transfer my Kingdom to another device?
    A: You can resume your progress on another device by installing Epic, logging in to the social networking account you have previously linked to, and then launching the game. You will receive a prompt asking if you want to sync your save file from the other device, or continue with the save file currently on the device. Game progress made on one device will be automatically synchronized with other devices using that same save.

    Q: What are the benefits of linking the game to your social network account?
    A: You'll be able to visit your friends' Kingdoms and gather resources, compare your progress to theirs on the Campaign map, and have your multiplayer progress tracked by name in the leaderboards. You can also send crafting ingredient requests to your friends, and reply to their requests. Playing with friends really opens up the world of Epic!

    Q: How can I visit a friend's Kingdom?
    A: You can visit a Facebook friend who is also playing Epic via the Social screen in the Tools menu. Tap on a friend's name to visit their Kingdom. You can tap on their Seed/Nectar producers up to five times each day to get free resources. Invite your friends to play Epic to increase your potential rewards.

    Q: How do I invite friends to try the game?
    A: The more friends you have in the game, the more Kingdoms you can visit to gather resources. To invite your friends, enter Tools -> Social, tap Invite, and follow the prompts.

    Q: How do multiplayer battles work?
    A: Once you reach Level 10, you can engage in friendly practice combat with the Jinn Kingdoms of other players worldwide. Increase your multiplayer score for bragging rights, and loot a portion of your opponent's stored resources when you challenge successfully. In order to challenge, you need to build the Defense Fortress plant, unlocked at Level 10. Then tap "Battle" at the bottom left of the screen and select "Multiplayer." After paying the required resource cost, you will be automatically matched with a valid opponent. Multiplayer battle is an important way to gain resources, but beware... You can also be challenged by other players anytime you are out of the game. Defend your kingdom by training a large number of units, arranging which troops you want to fight in the Defense Fort, and building Defense Structures to give them power boosts in combat. If you are defeated by a Multiplayer strike, you will gain a shield that makes you immune to further challenges for several hours.

    Q: What should I do if I can't find a multiplayer opponent?
    A: In order to be an eligible target for a challenge, a player must be within a certain multiplayer score range of yours, not have an active shield, and not be actively playing the game. There may be times when no one meets those parameters, and you cannot find a match. When this happens, just try again later -- usually a valid opponent will become available soon.

    Q: How do the Leaderboards work?
    A: The Leaderboards show worldwide multiplayer combat statistics. Players are ranked according to the multiplayer score they have achieved. Your multiplayer score increases with successful multiplayer battles, and decreases when you are defeated. Tap "FIND ME" to center the view on your score.

    Q: How do I level up?
    A: Check your active missions from the Tasks icon at the top left of the screen. Tasks include building plants in your kingdom, training troops, being victorious in battle, and other actions. Each completed Task grants you experience towards your next level, as well as Seeds, Nectar, and sometimes even Aura. You also gain a small amount of experience for harvesting large amounts of Seeds or Nectar from production plants.

    Q: What is the maximum level?
    A: Currently the maximum level for your Kingdom is 60. Each level reached can unlock plants and unit upgrade levels.

    Q: How does the Daily Reward work?
    A: You can receive a Daily Reward every day you play. Each consecutive day you play, you will receive a reward, each day greater than the last. If you miss a day, the Daily Reward will reset to day 1, so make sure to check in often.

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